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Adam Purcell has been in the service industry since he was 16 years old and fell in love with this world immediately. He quickly moved to management and then became a shareholder at two local restaurants in Halifax, Nova Scotia. In this role, Adam could clearly see that the only way to get your employees to care about your business, is to care about them first. Adam believes that your biggest marketing opportunity isn’t radio,TV, social media or the newest shiny app…it's your employees! Adam started his business, Caring Counts with the intention to create personal, emotional, memorable and shareable customer experiences. The idea of giving great service is not new, but it’s the level of commitment to the idea that makes it really special. In Adam’s restaurants, his staff began to look at every customer as an opportunity to make someone’s day. The stories that came out of this were amazing and ranged from bringing champagne and personalized gifts to the hotel rooms of tourists, to random acts of kindness. There are just too many amazing stories to mention. This level of hospitality spread amongst the staff as they began to do nice things for each other too, in effect changing the entire culture of the restaurant.Caring Counts was created organically. One day he used the term Caring Counts in social media with the #CaringCounts hashtag. Then he used it again, and again and an amazing thing started to happen. Other people began to use the hashtag when they were doing nice things for people and a small community movement was born. This wasn’t a movement that happened on purpose, but rather it began uniting people for a common purpose– to make others smile.Then, at his 40th birthday surprise party, he received a #CaringCounts gift of his own. His friend Jeff surprised him with 48 T- Shirts displaying the #CaringCounts logo.. Caring Counts was born.Adam is a relationship builder with the ability to storytell in a unique and engaging way. On stage, he uses humour, his passion for hospitality and his love of storytelling to inspire attendees to take action and go above and beyond for their staff, clients and co-workers.


"Some people demand attention when they deliver a presentation. Adam simply deserves it. He brings energy, emotion and insights without missing a beat. Loved every second of his presentation at Podcamp. #RockstarStatus"

Ross Simmonds - Digital Strategist

“Just wanted to pass along a quick note to let you know the resounding effect your session had with our team here at the Pictou Lodge. Although the team here has always gone above and beyond for our guests here on resort, your message and inspiration has “branded” this effort…I have also been getting great feedback from guests about the efforts made by our great team here. Both in private messages and on public forums. This word of mouth has definitely had a positive impact on our business from a revenue perspective…Our “#caringcounts” efforts have also helped in personnel recruitment…#caringcounts has become everyday language here at the Pictou Lodge.”

Wes Surrett


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