The Retired Spy

JJ Brun, better known as the Retired Spy, has developed a great talent for showing people how present their ideas and direction and get buy-in. He is an Interpersonal Skills Expert. This expertise is recognized internationally in utilizing cultural insights as a strategy to effectively communicate, relate and connect across cultures. Trained by the military to operate in hostile environments to work with, and get buy-in from very skeptical locals, he is truly someone who has walked the talk. He was with the military in the Middle East, in Bosnia and in Croatia where, amid the chaos of blurred front lines and unstable loyalties, he established networks of local contacts pulling in critical cooperation, using some of the techniques he reveals to his audiences.

After serving the Canadian Forces (15 years within the Intelligence Branch), he continued his training and is now a master-trainer in the DISC methodology and a NLP expert. He founded DHC Consulting Inc., a training company dedicated to inform and enlighten people on the subject of Human Behaviour and effective communication practices.

Whether you are communicating with employees, colleagues or family or involved in negotiations, you will get buy-in after hearing this keynote. He uses entertaining and captivating stories from the field and from home to help his audiences see how changing a few words can make a world of difference when they can read the people with whom they are communicating.


JJ did an excellent job for us. I was very pleased by the feedback from so many of our attendees who said the “really” got it and were looking forward to using some of the techniques when they get back to their offices. It was confirmation that there were some real “take-aways” in that presentation.

G. Gibson
Government Finance Officers Association

JJ was amazing, He really hit a chord with our delegates, and hit every point we discussed in our call. He made it very relatable to municipal government management.

C. Wellington
Association of Municipal Clerks and Treasurers of Ontario (AMCTO)
The Retired Spy - Parable Of The Pencil
JJ Brun-Brief Video DPI


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