Magnanimous: Propelling Organizational Prosperity

Jeff is known as a thoughtful, engaging presenter and a compassionate coach who is able to bridge the gaps between seemingly separate worlds with his deep understanding of both the human condition and his strategic business focus. Drawing on his experience in pastoral psychology and education combined with his years as an international corporate executive and as a consultant, Jeff encourages us to accept that we prosper when we are both people and profit focused. He doesn’t believe in trading one over the other. In a unique way, Jeff works with organizations to connect them to their people and purpose as much as their bottom line.

After spending 10 years in non-profit organizational leadership where Jeff saw his organizations grow when applying solid business acumen, Jeff engaged his entrepreneurial spirit and started Arbinger Canada and Bermuda, new companies within the global Arbinger Institute family. He grew this to commercial success and then took on the executive role as Vice President Organizational Performance and Human Resources of Petrominerales Ltd, a public international oil exploration and production company with operations in South America.
Jeff has formal academic training in business, psychology, education and theology. Today, Jeff combines his experience in entrepreneurship, corporate leadership and non-profits to bring a powerfully integrated approach of Purpose, People, Productivity and Profit to his clients.
With 18 year’s experience leading, advising and coaching to a range of organizations and companies, Jeff instills the required clarity for results and accountability as well as a culture of care and compassion.

He has worked with senior executives and entire companies in sectors ranging from professional services, oil and gas, insurance, finance and IT, to government, health care and the non-profit sector. Whether you spend an hour or months with Jeff, you and your team will be both challenged and inspired.

The Architecture of Prosperity
Magnanimous People Strategies


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