Luxury Travel & Lifestyle Writer, Brand Ambassador, Speaker, and Entrepreneur.

Mia Voss is a Luxury Travel & Lifestyle Writer, Brand Ambassador, Speaker, and Entrepreneur. Her main superpowers? Storytelling & people connecting. Mia is currently working with brands such as Lexus, Collette Travel, Toyota, BMW, Nissan, Mazda, GMC and more. Mia considers herself an “accidental entrepreneur” and has never been afraid to change, shift and be open to stumbling upon new opportunities. When the US economy took a major downturn in 2008, her then thriving building inspection business was crippled. Reinvention was in order & Mia dove into creating a women’s networking group in Denver which led to a career in social media management. In 2012, Mia began building an online audience with her Google +/YouTube show The Mia Connect Power Chat, interviewing a variety of guests on every topic imaginable. She also co-hosted The Food & Booze Show with one of her favorite online influencers, Chef Dennis Littley. In 2015, the travel bug bit Mia created #MiaOnTheGo, a series of travel adventures celebrating the idea of taking it on the road, hearing the stories of business owners and meeting new people. And she hasn't stopped since. Mia is an experience junky and her engaging & energized style showcases businesses with authentic & engaging social content. She combines a business model of adventure, experience, and storytelling. Mia brings out the best in each experience, shows her audience who they need to know, where they need to be and what brands are for them.

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Social Media Week Lima featured speaker


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