Boycott What You Thought

Twenty-two years ago Stuart Knight did something courageous, daring and uncommon. He listened to his heart. It told him that too many people were not living up to their potential, and he decided to do something about it. At the ripe age of 24, with no money or experience, he wrote an inspiring theatre show for teenagers. The show quickly caught the attention of Coca-Cola where they decided to showcase it nationally to their customers for the next three years. From there he decided to become the first Canadian ever to write and star in a musical that he produced in his own loft. No small feat considering he couldn't play an instrument. It became the longest running play of its kind, and A-list influencerslined up to witness sold out shows in a theatre Stuart not only built, but also lived in.During that time, some of the world's biggest business leaders recognized Stuart asa visionary who could help their organization see things differently and reach newlevels of success. Since then Stuart has been flown around the world, speaking inplaces such as Sydney, Malta, Edinburgh, Mumbai, New York, Frankfurt and LasVegas helping Fortune 500 companies learn what it takes to be the best.As Stuart Knight's success flourished, he wanted to do something that would helpraise thousands of dollars for charities around the world and decided to create theTop Ten Event, which is now one of Canada's biggest speaking extravaganzas. Theevent has quickly grown into one of Canada's must see productions, garnering over30 million media impressions and has starred such names as Jim Cuddy, DeepaMehta, Mary Walsh, Steven Page and two time Oscar Award Winner Jane Fonda.On top of all of this, Stuart Knight is an award winning entrepreneur, a criticallyacclaimed author of two books, an expert panellist on numerous television shows,the host of a hit radio show, has a sought after podcast and over twelve thousandpeople from around the world tuning in each week to watch his thought provokingvideos online. As a disrupter, thought leader and maverick, Stuart Knight has inspired over one million people to reach greater success, find deeper joy and to ultimately boycott what they thought.


I received great feedback on your session. The majority of the delegates have been coming to this for over 10 years and many people told me personally you were the best speaker we ever had.

Stephen Cryne, President & CEO
Canadian Employee Relocation Council
Sizzle Reel
Four Conversations for Success


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