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044 - Paul Bromby - The Legacy of The Mamba Mentality
Over the days following the horrific helicopter crash in California where 9 lives were lost, including Kobe Bryant and his daughter 13 year old Gianna, there has been an outpouring of grief and tears. Obviously this shook the basketball world, but it really has effected many of us outside that world as well. Why? We wanted to bring on someone that would have first hand knowledge of Kobe and his legacy. Paul Bromby is not only a lifelong Lakers and Kobe Bryant fan, he works as a Senior Producer at Sporstnet and was part of the team that had the difficult task of reporting this accident in real time. He is here to share his thoughts on why so many have been impacted by this tragedy, while also explaining the legacy of Kobe and his Mamba Mentality in sports, in business and in life Our guest is,Paul Bromby: Senior Producer - https://www.sportsnet.ca and Tim & Sid Lead Coach - New Horizon Basketball 1999 CIS Basketball Champion Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us Paul #RIP #ElevateYourExpectations #WomenEmpowerment Our thoughts go out to the family and friends of the victims: Christina Mauser Ara Zobayan Sarah Chester Payton Chester John Altobellis Keri Altobelli Alyssa Altobelli Kobe Bryant Gianna Bryant
043 - KarenDeanSpeaks.com - Be Fierce
Karen Dean is a speaker, entrepreneur, survivor and is one FIERCE lady. In this episode, Erica and Karen talk about what you should expect to see when seeing her speak as well as some helpful tips to over coming and becoming who you were meant to be! "As a successful coach, speaker & author, Karen Dean leads a movement of brilliant women who are redefining resilience." Learn More: https://karendeanspeaks.com Please share this episode with someone that you know needs to hear Karen's message. #ElevateYourEvent #ElevateYourExpectations
042 - VictoriaTayl.uk - Make People Matter
In this episode Erica spoke with Victoria Taylor all the way from the UK. They discussed hospitality, experience design, Vikki's "why" and more that all speaks to her focus of making people matter. "For over 15 years I have helped those I work with to think differently and design and create unique experiences that deliver beyond expectations of just great performance and sales (those come naturally as a result of delivering exceptional experience). I help businesses to reach the heart as well as the mind, creating an intimate, emotional connection that people want to feel with them time and time again." Learn more about Victoria Taylor: https://www.victoriatayl.uk or Follow @VictoriaTayluk everywhere #ElevateYourExpectations #MakePeopleMatter #SubscribeNow
041 - DashboardLiving.com - Know Your Audience
Today Erica sits down with Sara and Brent of Dashboard Living. They are not your typical Travel Bloggers. So, what makes them different and what is their goal? "To provide inspirational travel experiences, showcasing our community, country and beyond with a focus on the people & cultures that make these places unique. With sustainability and philanthropy leading the way, we strive to inspire dreams and live free." In this episode, these two share some great information about knowing your audience, as well as some great tips and takeaways. The great thing about Dashboard Living is, what you see is what you get. They are themselves, always, and after you listen to them for 5 minutes you understand why they have built such a loyal audience. Enjoy! For more info: https://dashboardliving.com #15MinutesOfFame #ElevateYourExpectations
040 - Cliff Prang - Trying, Dying and Diversifying
Today we talk to Comedian, Emcee, Speaker etc.... Cliff Prang. We caught up with Cliff at 7am from his home in British Columbia, and though it was VERY early he still had us laughing. There are many things that make Cliff different than other speakers and comedians, as you will hear in this episode. "Even with the best intentions any event can end up feeling… so… boring. I take great pride and delight by infusing Funny, Freshness and Flow to any event without dropping the other F-word. Hire me to be your comedian, emcee or keynote speaker and we will have a Fantastic time." Learn more https://www.cliffprang.com To inquire about hiring Cliff for your event, check out: https://www.celebconnect.ca/Talent/Cliff-Prang/4671736a-21bd-4c02-bdd1-4a6b4c0e60f0 #15MinutesOfFame #SpeakerSeries
039 - PeterIsFunny.com
Our guest this week is Peter Anthony, Maritimer at heart living in Toronto. Peter has been working as a stand up comedian for almost twenty years, starting in clubs and moving to the corporate world. "Some of Peter's credits include: Montreal's "Just for Laughs" Festival, CBC's "Halifax Comedy Festival," Toronto's "North by Northeast" Festival, CBC Radio's "The Debaters," and television appearances on The Comedy Network, MTV, and CTV's "Comedy Now." To learn more about what Peter would bring to your event: https://www.celebconnect.ca/Talent/Peter-Anthony/68489078-d022-422e-a0d0-3b344f2b6db1 or visit https://peterisfunnycom.tumblr.com
038 - Kayla Short - Authenticity and Integrity
Today we talk to Kayla Short, blogger, speaker, lifestyle expert and digital influencer. In this episode we talk about the importance of being your true self online, as well as what Kayla thinks of the term "Influencer". "Trained as a teacher, I hope to inspire my readers to live their best life possible whether it’s through a healthy (and delicious) recipe, or beauty and style advice. Motivated by kindness my goal is help others look and feel good both inside and out." Read more..https://shortpresents.com/abou/ Who do you follow for your food and fashion tips? Be sure to follow Kayla @ShortPresents everywhere. #15Minutes #ElevateYourExpectations
037 - Eddie Lemoine pt 2 - The Multigenerational Workforce
For the first time, we had so much content that we had to record two episodes with guest, keynote speaker Eddie Lemoine. This time we speak about The Multi Generational Workforce: "There is overwhelming research that shows bridging the generation gap leads to a much more productive and happy work environment. We have passed the point where training leaders to manage a specific generation (i.e. the Millennials) is in any way affect. To be truly effective as a leader it is critical to understand, manage and communicate across all generations." Read more: http://eddielemoine.com/eddies-topics/ To inquire about hiring Eddie for your event: https://www.celebconnect.ca/Talent/Eddie-LeMoine/6306b072-6d52-445e-9f22-cacff6fe0c93 #ElevateYourEvent #15MinutesOfFame
036 - Eddie Lemoine - Bring about what you think about
The next episode in our Speaker Series, features Eddie Lemoine. Eddie is a Canadian-born international author, keynote speaker, seminar leader and corporate trainer. He specializes in leadership, employee engagement, stress management, safety and the psychology of success. In this episode we talk about his best selling book "Bring About What You Think About" , and how Eddie began his speaking career. As you will hear, Eddie is very passionate and we could have recorded two episodes.....so we did. Episode 037 comes out next week ;) Enjoy! For more info about Eddie Lemoine: https://www.celebconnect.ca/Talent/Eddie-LeMoine/6306b072-6d52-445e-9f22-cacff6fe0c93 http://eddielemoine.com #ElevateYourEvent #15MinutesOfFame
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