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040 - Cliff Prang - Trying, Dying and Diversifying
Today we talk to Comedian, Emcee, Speaker etc.... Cliff Prang. We caught up with Cliff at 7am from his home in British Columbia, and though it was VERY early he still had us laughing. There are many things that make Cliff different than other speakers and comedians, as you will hear in this episode. "Even with the best intentions any event can end up feeling… so… boring. I take great pride and delight by infusing Funny, Freshness and Flow to any event without dropping the other F-word. Hire me to be your comedian, emcee or keynote speaker and we will have a Fantastic time." Learn more https://www.cliffprang.com To inquire about hiring Cliff for your event, check out: https://www.celebconnect.ca/Talent/Cliff-Prang/4671736a-21bd-4c02-bdd1-4a6b4c0e60f0 #15MinutesOfFame #SpeakerSeries
039 - PeterIsFunny.com
Our guest this week is Peter Anthony, Maritimer at heart living in Toronto. Peter has been working as a stand up comedian for almost twenty years, starting in clubs and moving to the corporate world. "Some of Peter's credits include: Montreal's "Just for Laughs" Festival, CBC's "Halifax Comedy Festival," Toronto's "North by Northeast" Festival, CBC Radio's "The Debaters," and television appearances on The Comedy Network, MTV, and CTV's "Comedy Now." To learn more about what Peter would bring to your event: https://www.celebconnect.ca/Talent/Peter-Anthony/68489078-d022-422e-a0d0-3b344f2b6db1 or visit https://peterisfunnycom.tumblr.com
038 - Kayla Short - Authenticity and Integrity
Today we talk to Kayla Short, blogger, speaker, lifestyle expert and digital influencer. In this episode we talk about the importance of being your true self online, as well as what Kayla thinks of the term "Influencer". "Trained as a teacher, I hope to inspire my readers to live their best life possible whether it’s through a healthy (and delicious) recipe, or beauty and style advice. Motivated by kindness my goal is help others look and feel good both inside and out." Read more..https://shortpresents.com/abou/ Who do you follow for your food and fashion tips? Be sure to follow Kayla @ShortPresents everywhere. #15Minutes #ElevateYourExpectations
037 - Eddie Lemoine pt 2 - The Multigenerational Workforce
For the first time, we had so much content that we had to record two episodes with guest, keynote speaker Eddie Lemoine. This time we speak about The Multi Generational Workforce: "There is overwhelming research that shows bridging the generation gap leads to a much more productive and happy work environment. We have passed the point where training leaders to manage a specific generation (i.e. the Millennials) is in any way affect. To be truly effective as a leader it is critical to understand, manage and communicate across all generations." Read more: http://eddielemoine.com/eddies-topics/ To inquire about hiring Eddie for your event: https://www.celebconnect.ca/Talent/Eddie-LeMoine/6306b072-6d52-445e-9f22-cacff6fe0c93 #ElevateYourEvent #15MinutesOfFame
036 - Eddie Lemoine - Bring about what you think about
The next episode in our Speaker Series, features Eddie Lemoine. Eddie is a Canadian-born international author, keynote speaker, seminar leader and corporate trainer. He specializes in leadership, employee engagement, stress management, safety and the psychology of success. In this episode we talk about his best selling book "Bring About What You Think About" , and how Eddie began his speaking career. As you will hear, Eddie is very passionate and we could have recorded two episodes.....so we did. Episode 037 comes out next week ;) Enjoy! For more info about Eddie Lemoine: https://www.celebconnect.ca/Talent/Eddie-LeMoine/6306b072-6d52-445e-9f22-cacff6fe0c93 http://eddielemoine.com #ElevateYourEvent #15MinutesOfFame
035 - Chip Ambrogio - The Art of Bombing
This is another of our Speaker Series, and today we have Comedian Chip Ambrogio. Chip not only has over 25 years of stand up comedy, his a producer, writer and has worked in the corporate world. He also teaches comedy. A big fear of getting onstage as a comedian or a speaker is dealing with "bombing". How to handle it? Do you acknowledge it? Do you run off stage screaming? Chip has some great advice, and some fantastic stories to share. Enjoy!!! #ElevateYourEvent Learn more about Chip: https://www.celebconnect.ca/Talent/Chip-Ambrogio/5572411b-6456-41c0-bc28-ec8a100eed01 https://chipambrogio.webs.com
034 - Davin Rosenblatt - Being Funny In A  World Where Everybody Gets Offended
In this episode our guest is Davin Rosenblatt. Davin is a standup comedian and host of his weekly internet radio show Davin's Den. In the show he and his cohosts Joe Currie and Pip Helix cover the most controversial topics of the day. They also devote a portion of the show by taking on scammers, called #ScamsTheScammers . A very interesting concept, you have to hear about it. The main topic we covered in this episode is the challenge of being funny in a pc world where everyone is offended all of the time. Enjoy! #15MinutesOfFame #ElevateYourExpectations
033 - Amanda Rainville - Executive Assistance
Today I talked to my friend, and former co worker Amanda Rainville. Amanda is an Executive Assistant, and a VERY good one at that. In this episode we discuss some misinformation around the career, how to become one, and most importantly how to become a GOOD one. Enjoy, and please share! For more information of the companies that Amanda works with, Check out: https://connollyowens.com https://www.vidaliving.com #15MinutesOfFame #ElevateYourExpectations
032 - Todd McDonald - GiveToLive.ca
Caution, this episode WILL INSPIRE YOU. Our guest this week is Todd McDonald of Energy Atlantica. He and Erica talk about the importance of having a business with a purpose. As Todd explains, it is not only good for your soul, it is good for the bottom line, and especially for attracting and keeping the best talent for your company. Todd and Energy Atlantica launched a charitable organization called Give To Live, and why did they launch it? You will just have to listen and find out. Enjoy!! #ElevateYourExpectations
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